Best Baby Carrier For Newborn- The Ultimate Products Guide 2017

Best Baby Carrier For Newborn

When it comes to finding one of the best baby carrier for newborns, there are a lot of things you need to keep in mind and if you have never looked for one before, you might find that it is a bit overwhelming because you don’t know what some of the important considerations are. Luckily, this post is going to help make sure you have no problem figuring out which baby carrier you want to buy.You’re going to learn all of the important things you need to keep in mind when you go to choose a best baby carrier for newborn

So that you know exactly what you should look for when you make your purchase. Additionally, you’re going to find six product reviews that tell you everything about some of the top products on the market today. With all of this information, you’ll have no problem picking out the best baby carrier to fit your needs.

How To Choose The Best Baby Carrier For Newborn

Carrying Position

If you have even briefly looked at the different slings available on the market, you’ve probably realized that most of them over several different carrying positions for your child. As you probably are not surprised to learn, the more positions that the carrier offers, the better it is going to be for your child. Especially for a newborn, you’re going to find that you want to look for positions that have the child in the front because they are too young to carry in the back. Overall, it is a better experience for your child in terms of both safety and support.


Anytime you buy something involving your child being carried, you want to make sure that you are buying something that is incredibly secure and leaves no chance that your baby can be injured with it. If you feel at all that your child is not safe or could fall out, you shouldn’t use the carrier. Luckily, there are a ton of great options when it comes to carriers and just about every single one will make it easy for you to carry your baby in a safe and secure way. The more secure they are, the less you’re going to have to worry.


While the security of the blanket is incredibly important, the support offered to your child is also incredibly important. If your child is not supported at all times, then you run the risk of an injury occurring to your child’s neck, head or back. While the support is going to be important, you should also look for something that uses an ergonomic design. With this type of design, you’ll find that the hips and the spine will be aligned in the proper way for your baby to support their growth.


This might come as a surprise to some people, but you will truly be amazed how many different materials there are when you are looking for a baby carrier. Most of them are a matter of personal preference so you can choose the one that you think will fit you and your baby best. As I mentioned, the majority of it is going to come down to personal preference but there are still some things you want to keep in mind. Try and find one of the best materials there are on the market because the better and stronger the material is, the better durability you;ll get and the easier cleaning experience you will have. It’s not necessary, but trying an organic fiber might not be a bad idea because it is best for your baby and you.

Baby Comfort

As you are probably not surprised to learn, the comfort of your baby is one of the more important considerations you are going to find when it comes to a carrier. After all, the carrier is for them and if they are not comfortable, it will not do you any good. You have to make sure they are safe and supported but it is equally important to make sure they are comfortable. The more comfortable your child is going to be, the easier the experience is for you. In a lot of cases, you might find it to be tough to figure out when your baby is comfortable and when they are not, but as long as they are not wiggling around a lot, odds are good that they will be comfortable and fine.

Parent Comfort

While the baby comfort is an important consideration, the comfort of the parent is worth considering as well. When it comes to supporting a newborn, you’ll find that it’s almost always comfortable until they reach about the 15 pound mark, then it can become uncomfortable for you to carry them around for a long time. The heavier the baby is, the worse it is going to be for your back, neck and shoulder. Look for a carrier that has some extra support in the shoulder or has some pain relief system. Maybe you think you won’t need it now, but it can be a real lifesaver in some situations.

Ease Of Use

If you happen to find a unit that is incredibly difficult for you to use on a daily basis, you’re going to find that you do not want to use it and you might stop using it because it frustrates you a lot. Lucky for you, there are a lot of slings on the market and there are some easy to use slings for you to choose from. I highly recommend looking for one that is easy and simple to use with detailed instructions because it will make your life a whole lot easier when it comes time for you to use it. Easily pick out the best baby carrier for newborn


You might not think it is a big deal, but babies are pretty messy and it can be really helpful if you find a sling or carrier that is easy for you to clean at all times. In a perfect world, you should really consider something that is machine washable because it will make your life a lot easier since all you need to do is throw it into the washing machine when it gets dirty.

Top Best Baby Carrier For Newborn Review

1. SIX-Position, 360° Ergonomic Baby & Child Carrier by LILLEbaby

LILLEbaby - Best Baby Carrier For Newborn Review

If you want to find one of the best baby carriers that you are going to see that gives you a ton of different options in terms of carrying positions because there are six different positions for you to choose from which means it will be simple for you to find a position that works for you. Additionally, the longer lifespan of this carrier is great because it allows you to use it a lot longer over the course of your baby’s life since it can work all the way from newborn to 45 pounds. It comes with more features than any of the other best baby carriers you are going to find and those features easily justify the price.

The six different carrying positions include front-fetal, front facing out, front-toddle, front-infant, hip and back. Additionally, you’re going to like the fact that there is no extra insert needed for the newborn babies in the carrier. In terms of the features, you’ll enjoy the signature lumbar support and neck support as well as the sleeping hood, two-way shoulder straps and a zippered pocket. Overall, the unit is lightweight, compact and machine washable.

Highlighted Features

  • Six carrying positions
  • Long product life
  • ​No infant insert needed
  • ​Lumbar and neck support
  • ​Lightweight and compact
  • Machine washable


  • Easy to clean
  • Plenty of options for carrying
  • ​Supportive and durable


  • One of the more expensive options

2. BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Miracle, Black, Mesh

BABYBJORN - Best Baby Carrier For Newborn Review

This is going to be another option that is pretty similar to the one that was reviewed above but it has a few different features and specifications and this one is made by a completely different brand and company as well. As you can tell from the title of this product, it is made from a mesh material which means it is easy for you to wear the carrier even in the warmer weather because it breathes a lot easier. In addition, you’re going to love the comfortable waist belt and back support that work to provide excellent weight distribution for the best carrying comfort.

​With this particular carrier, there are two safe and ergonomic carrying positions with the baby facing in and the baby facing out so you can choose whichever one is going to be best for you.

This particular carrier is also designed to grow with your baby so that it can go with you from newborn to 15 months old and there is no infant insert needed for newborns. When you need to, it is quick and easy to adjust for the perfect fit at all times.

Highlighted Features

  • Mesh material
  • Comfortable waist belt
  • ​Two safe carrying positions
  • ​Grows with your child
  • Quick and easy to adjust


  • Comfortable
  • Breathable for warm days
  • Simple to use
  • Won’t wear out easily


  • Somewhat expensive
  • Little heavy

3. Ergobaby 360 All Carry Positions Award-Winning Cool Mesh Ergonomic Baby Carrier

Ergobaby - Best Baby Carrier For Newborn Review

Like a lot of the other options we have talked about already, this is on the more expensive side of the spectrum and it is going to come with a ton of great features that you will love to have. This particular carrier is 100% polyester and it is made in the USA. In terms of the material, it is considerable cooler for the baby thanks to the breathable 3D air mesh panel that keeps your baby cool in warm weather. Additionally, the hands free bonding with your baby is perfect and offers four unique ergonomic carry positions.

You’re going to find that you can use a front-inward or outward carrying position as well as a hip or back placement so that you get as many options as you can find. The other great thing about this is that it can easily grow with your baby and you will be able to use until they are around 45 pounds in weight. Lastly, you’ll find that this carrier is machine washable and you can use the hood to protect your child from the sun and provide them with more privacy.

Highlighted Features

  • 100% polyester
  • Breathable mesh
  • ​Grows with your child
  • ​Four different positions
  • Machine washable


  • Comfortable to wear for long times
  • Plenty of carrying options
  • ​Easy to clean
  • Strong and durable


  • No pockets included

4. Boba 4G Baby Carrier

Boba - Best Baby Carrier For Newborn Review

In case you haven’t noticed some sort of a trend at this point, you’re going to find that this particular baby carrier is around the same price point as a lot of the other options on this list and it comes with similar features as well. This carrier is made with 100% cotton and it is free from any harmful dyes or materials so you know you and your baby will be safe when you are using this carrier. Additionally, this carrier is going to grow with your child so that you can use it from the time they are a newborn all the way until they are a toddler.

There are two different carrying positions for you to choose from and you can use it is a front carrier from 7 to 25 pounds and the front or back carrier can be used when your baby is anywhere between 25 to 45 pounds, There is also an integrated infant insert that you can use for two different positions as well. Lastly, there are also removable foot straps included as well as a sleeping hood if necessary.

Highlighted Features

  • 100% cotton
  • Free from any harmful materials
  • ​Grows with your child
  • ​Up to 45 pounds
  • Integrated infant insert


  • Safe material
  • Lasts a long time
  • ​Works from newborn to toddle


  • Fit is tough and hard to use

5. Beco Soleil Baby Carrier

Beco - Best Baby Carrier For Newborn Review

If you’re looking for one of the more reasonable priced options on the list because you would really like to save some money and stick to a budget, this is one of the better options for you to go with. It comes in a ton of different colors for you to choose from so you can easily get the best fit for you. There is a soft structured carrier with multiple different carrying positions included front, back and hip carry. You can also use this carrier with your child from when they are a newborn all the way up until they are a toddler at around 45 pounds.

In terms of the shape, this is a large shaped ergonomic seat with a padded headrest and leg openings and it also has the ability to cross straps across the back for even more comfort overall. This is one of the rare carriers you find that is actually a perfect choice for a dad looking to buy one and it can easily adjust anywhere from 23 inches to 45

Highlighted Features

  • Soft and firm carrier
  • Newborn to toddler
  • ​Large shaped seat
  • Perfect for dad
  • Three carrying positions


  • Extremely comfortable
  • Perfect for all size children
  • Works for both parents


  • The fit could be better

6. Lalabu Soothe Shirt

Lalabu- Best Baby Carrier For Newborn Review

If you want to find one of the best and most affordable options on this list that comes in a lot of different sizes and colors, then this is one of the best options for you to go with. In terms of the actual features and specifications of this product, you’re going to find that it is completely made in the United States of America and it comes with a cozy pouch to keep your newborn close and comfortable at all times. It is secure and expandable and creates a very intimate swaddle right up against mom. It also has a head support that flips up so that it can easily hold and support the child’s head when they are sleeping and can easily tuck back into the pouch when it is not in use.

Perhaps one of the coolest things you are going to find about this particular carrier is that it can actually double as just a regular top if you are looking to wear one and it can be the perfect accessory to use in any season at any time of the year. You’ll find that it will look great at all times and perhaps the best part overall is the fact that it will always be there to provide an easy, safe and secure way to carry your baby whenever you need it.

Highlighted Features

  • Cozy pouch
  • Head support flips up
  • ​Promotes and supports bonding
  • Can be used a regular top


  • Cradles the baby properly
  • Support is great for parent and baby
  • ​Doubles as a top


  • Sizing runs very incorrect


As you can see, trying to buy the best baby carrier for newborn can be a difficult and annoying task if you don’t know what to look for. Luckily, all of the information provided above in this post will be more than enough to make sure you can easily pick out the best baby carrier for you. Not only do you know all of the most important things to keep in mind when you make your purchase, but you’re also going to read detailed reviews of some of the top baby carriers on the market today. Using all of this information, you will have no problem quickly and easily getting the best baby carrier for your newborn that meets all of your needs.

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