Best Baby Carrier Wrap – Ultimate Products Guide 2017

Best Baby Carrier Wrap

If you have just recently given birth or you are on your second or third child and looking for a better and more efficient way to carry your child, a best baby carrier wrap can be one of the best and easiest ways to do so. Not only are they able to cradle and support your baby in the proper way, but it is going to make it much more comfortable for you to carry your child no matter where you might be.

Unfortunately, choosing the right baby carrier wrap can be a little difficult if you don’t know what to look for since everyone is different and can support you and your baby in different ways. The following information is going to help ensure that you know how to choose the best baby carrier wrap. Additionally, it will provide you with five of the top recommended product choices so you know which ones are the best available currently.

How To Choose the best baby carrier Wrap for the money

Carrying Position

Obviously one of the most important things for you to keep in mind is the carrying position that the wrap is going to offer to your child. In most cases, the wraps are going to be constructed so that you can have multiple different carrying positions but the majority of them will involve carrying your child in the front of your body. While some may allow for a carry on the back, it will be a lot easier for you if you stick with the front for both safety and support.


Obviously an important consideration to keep in mind is the safety of your child when they are in the wrap. If they are not secure in the carrier, then you shouldn’t be comfortable carrying them in it. Luckily, most of the wraps that you are going to find allow you to adjust it to how you need it so you can pretty easily ensure there is a secure fit at all times, but this is definitely something you need to make sure of.


Similar to the security offered by the wrap, you need to make sure that your child is supported at all times because if they are not, then you can run the risk of your child not having the proper back, head or neck support. In addition, you should make sure that the carrier is going to hold your baby in an ergonomic manner so that both the hips and the spine are supported in the way they need to be.


When you go to buy a best baby carrier wrap, you’re going to find that there are a lot of different material options available and you might not think it matters all that much but it really does. You want to make sure that you find the best and highest quality material for a lot of different reasons including overall durability, ease of cleaning and all those reasons. Additionally, you should try and make sure it is some sort of organic fiber since that will be best for your child.

Baby Comfort

You could argue that this is going to be one of the most important things to keep in mind when you buy a carrier and many people would have a hard time arguing with you. While it is important to make sure your baby is secure and supported, it is just as important to help make sure that they are going to be comfortable in the carrier. The more comfortable they are, the better chance you have of this solution working for you. Of course, you might find it difficult to know if your baby is comfortable or not but as long as they are not crying, then it’s safe to say it supports them appropriately.

Parent Comfort

Pretty much any carrier you find in this post or anywhere on the market is going to be a great solution for a newborn since they don’t weigh as much. However, once your baby starts to push closer to the 15 pound mark, it can put some serious strain on your neck, shoulders and back. Of course, one of the most reported pain is in the shoulder so you want to make sure that the wrap you choose helps to alleviate that problem. Some of the options you will find have a shoulder strap or extra padding in the shoulder area and I strongly recommend that in almost every single case.

Ease Of Use

This is perhaps one of the most overlooked features but it is also important because if the item is not simple to use, the chances are good that you might get frustrated and you won’t use the product as much as you should. Some of the wraps can be a little tricky to use at first but as long as you follow the instructions, you should be able to figure them out with ease.


If you have ever had any sort of baby product before in your life, then you know how quickly and easily it gets dirty. Because of this, you want to make sure that you pay attention to the cleaning of the product in order to see how simple the process is. If at all possible, I recommend choosing a machine washable carrier because nothing is easier than just putting it in the washing machine when you are done with it.

Recommended Top 5 Best Baby Carrier Rwap Reviews

1. Baby K'tan ORIGINAL Baby Carrier

K'tan - Best Baby Carrier Rwap

If you’re looking for one of the better but most basic carriers that you can find, then this is going to be a great choice for you because there are five different color options and five different size options. The material of the wrap is a breathable 100% cotton so it will provide maximum comfort for both you and your child. When you first use this wrap, you might notice it a little tight at first but it will stretch out over time so you will eventually get the perfect fit you are looking for in the first place.

In addition to all of this, you’re going to enjoy the patented double-loop design that makes it simple for you to put on the k'tan carrier as well as change positions with little to no effort at all. This wrap is going to be the perfect choice for newborns to toddlers and it can support a child up until they are around the 35 pound mark. Lastly, the product is machine washable for a quick and easy clean and it has no buckles or zippers that can cause problems as well.

Highlighted Features

  • 100% cotton
  • Easily change positions
  • ​Supports up to 35 pounds
  • Washable by machine for ease
  • Multiple wearing positions
  • Double loop design


  • 100% breathable cotton
  • Individually sizes
  • ​Double-loop design for ease
  • Newborns to toddlers
  • Machine washable


  • Can be tough to get the baby in the right position
  • It can be difficult to adjust for some women
  • It may not work for every parent

2. CuddleBug Baby Wrap Carrier

CuddleBug - Best Baby Carrier Rwap

This particular wrap is going to be pretty similar in price compared to the one that was reviewed above it and it still offers a ton of great features. What sets this one apart if the great looking design that will ensure you have no problem looking good while you wear this wrap to carry your baby. When your child is in this particular carrier, they will be constantly stimulated and that extra stimulation will help to keep them occupied throughout the day so that they sleep considerably better at night time. In addition, the constant stimulation helps the child to learn more and improves their cognitive development.

While this is the case with a lot of carriers like this one, your baby is going to constantly receive and feel the low for you since they are pressed right up against your warm body. This is a type of bonding that can’t be replicated by anyone else. Plus, thanks to the secure and supportive design, you’ll feel like you can do anything with your baby thanks to the hands free design of the product.

Highlighted Features

  • Great looking design
  • Non-stop stimulation for your child
  • ​Hands free design
  • Secure and supportive


  • Improves cognitive development
  • Constant stimulation
  • ​Love and affection
  • Total hands free use
  • This model of baby carrier is really affordable, and it seems like you are getting a lot for the price.


  • Little warm when wearing in the summer
  • Some parents complain that the wrap itself is not tight enough. It loosens up almost instantly after you get your child strapped in.

3. Mo+m 3-Position Cotton Baby Carrier

Mo+m - Best Baby Carrier Rwap

If you’re looking for something a little different and you would prefer to have the option to choose between several different ways to carry your baby, then this is going to be one of the best things that you can buy. This particular baby carrier helps to distribute the weight evenly so it will not disturb your back or shoulders and your baby will also experience maximum comfort. Furthermore, the vented windows help to keep your baby cool and the soft hood keeps the sun away from their precious head on those sunny days.

The versatile three in one design means that you can choose to carry your child a variety of different ways including front, backpack or hip carry. This type of flexibility is second to none and allows you to do so much more when it comes to carrying your child. The product is one of the safest on the markets thanks to the certifications it has received and it is the ultimate in convenience thanks to the storage pockets and the advanced portability as well as the machine washable feature.

Highlighted Features

  • Three different carrying positions
  • Flexibility in carrying
  • ​Ergonomically designed
  • Easy to use
  • Certifiably safe and approved product
  • Plenty of storage for daily supplies including snacks, toys, drinks, etc.


  • Cool vented windows
  • Sun shade
  • ​Storage pocket
  • Machine washable
  • This carrier is extremely easy and straightforward to use
  • Plenty of storage for supplies for your daily adventures


  • Can be a little tricky to figure out all three positions
  • Some inconveniently located clasps on the carrier
  • ​The pockets for the piece of fabric that covers the ventilation slots, don’t hold the fabric very well

4. Infantino Breathe Vented Carrier

Infantino Cuddle up Ergonomic Hoodie Carrier Review

If you’re looking for one of the more reasonably priced options on this list then you have found what might be the best option for you. It comes in at the lowest price but still offers a lot of different features you’re going to love. You can carry anywhere from a newborn up to a baby around 25 pounds thanks to this carrier and it comes with two different carrier positions that allow your child to either face in or face out when they are in front of you. Additionally, you’re going to enjoy the side openings that allow for easy access to your child at all times.

Not only is this particular carrier machine washable, but it can also easily be wiped down to ensure you can quickly clean up any quick stains or dirt that may have found their way onto the carrier. The padded straps help to keep you comfortable at all times while the seat ensures that your child will be safe and comfortable at all times as well.

Highlighted Features

  • Works for up to 25 pounds
  • Child can face in or out
  • ​Safely supports your child
  • Padded straps
  • ​Wide waist belt
  • Carry infants up to 45 lbs.


  • Two carrying positions
  • Accommodates newborns to toddlers
  • ​Side openings for access
  • Washable and wipeable
  • Comfortable


  • Might not last as long as some other options
  • Not great for long periods of time
  • Some products may be faulty

5. Ergobaby Original Doll Carrier

Ergobaby - Best Baby Carrier Rwap

While this isn’t going to be the cheapest option on the list, it is still going to be one of the more affordable ones you are going to find even though it is not technically intended to be used for children. This particular carrier is actually going to be geared more towards children as they are the ones that will wear it for their dolls and other items. This is one of the best options when it comes to something that can help mimic and replicate what they might see their parents doing.

This carrier comes with a 100% cotton canvas body construction and it also has a padded shoulder and waist straps to ensure that your child is going to have a similar experience to what they would find with a real carrier. Last but not least, the product is machine washable and can go in the dryer so if anything happens to it, you should have no problem cleaning it up.

Highlighted Features

  • 100% cotton canvas party
  • Made for dolls instead of children
  • Shoulder and waist straps


  • Padded shoulder
  • Waist straps
  • Machine wash and dry


  • Not for a real baby
  • It may not work for every parent


As you can see, there is a lot of different considerations that need to be kept in mind when you go to choose which baby carrier you are going to want to buy. I recommend following all of the advice provided above and you will have no problem finding the best one to fit your needs. In terms of the recommended product reviews, you truly cannot go wrong with any of them but I highly recommend the Mo+m 3-Position Cotton Baby Carrier. It has all of the features you could possibly need and you’ll be able to carry your baby three different ways so that you can give yourself and the baby the most comfortable experience possible.

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