What To Expect When Your Baby Has A Cold

What To Expect When Your Baby Has A Cold

When pregnant, never go off your prenatal vitamins, avoid the sun and stay out of crowded places. Now imagine that advice applied to your life – even telling you what kind of colds to expect. That’s what this article will cover.


If your baby has a cold, expect to feel tired, achy, and sneezing. Your baby may also have a fever and runny nose. Most babies will recover in two to four days with antibiotics.

Symptoms of Colds

When a person has a cold, their symptoms may vary depending on the type of cold. However, most people experience the following: sneezing, coughing, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, and fever.

If you think your child has a cold, here are some tips to help them get better as quickly as possible:

– Keep them warm and dry: Keep your child warm and dry by keeping them in a warm environment with plenty of blankets and clothes. If they are sick enough to be feverish, keep them cool by using a cool mist humidifier or applying cooled compresses to their forehead or chest.

– Get rest: When your baby is sick, they may be unable to do things that make them feel better, such as playing for long periods or being around people. Let them rest as much as possible so their body can fight the infection independently.

– Drink lots of fluids: When you have a cold, fluids are important because they help to flush the germs out of your body. Bottled water, Pedialyte®, herbal tea, and diluted fruit juice are all good choices for your child.

Long-Term Side Effects Of A Cold

When your baby has a cold, it may experience several long-term side effects. These can include: 

– ear infection

– cough

– runny nose

– congestion

– fever

– fussiness

Treatments For Cold And Other Flu Symptoms

If your baby has a cold, here are some treatments you can use to help him, or her feel better: 

– Give your baby cold medicine. This will help to relieve the symptoms of a cold. However, talk with your doctor about the best type of cold medicine for your baby. Some types of cold medicines can cause drowsiness or irritability, so watch your baby carefully while taking them.

– Nasal irrigation. This treatment uses water to clear the nasal passages of fluid and mucus. It can help to relieve congestion and improve breathing.

If your baby has a cold, you can give them nasal irrigation at home using a bulb syringe and warm water. You can also make nasal irrigation solutions using store-bought preparations or distilled water. Follow the instructions that come with the preparation you choose.

– Steam inhalation therapy. This treatment uses steam to heat the air inside your baby’s lungs and loosen congestion. A nurse or doctor will ask you to sit with your baby in a warm room with windows open.


You might feel a mixture of emotions when your baby has a cold. You may be worried about your baby’s health and whether they are getting the best care possible.

You may also feel overwhelmed with all of the different things you need to do to take care of them. But don’t worry!

This article will outline what you can expect when your baby has a cold and how you can help make the experience comfortable for you and your little one.

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