Maya Wrap Ring Sling Baby Carrier Review

Maya wrap lightly padded ring sling review


There are so many different kinds of baby carriers, wraps, and packs on the market, how do you know which one to choose?

Today, there are thousands of different kinds of covers that you can find online and in stores. Styles range from casual and simple to high tech with tons of storage for parents and kids who are on the go. All baby carriers essentially solve for the same problem in finding a comfortable and safe way to transport your baby, but there are so many little facets of each brand and each model that make them unique.

Just in case you need a little direction on what kind of baby carrier to get, we are going to take a look at a great one today. The Maya Wrap baby carrier is a comfortable and fashionable way to comfortably carry your child anywhere.

Maya Wrap Ring Sling Features

What we like about the Maya Wrap is that it is simple, chic, and comfortable for both you and your child. Here are some of the features that we liked the best about the Maya Wrap

Comfortable Shoulder Strap

One of the greatest highlight features of this baby carrier model is that it has a super comfortable strap to support your child’s weight, on you. The strap is made of extremely comfortable and breathable hand-woven cotton, so that your baby can sit in the carrier comfortably. The nice thing about having this comfortable and breathable strap is that it keeps you and your baby cool while you are walking around. The problem that you face with other baby carriers is that they can be made with dense materials that hold in heat, which can make you and your baby really uncomfortable while walking around.

Maya wrap lightly padded ring sling review

Breathable Fabric

As we said for the strap, the rest of the entire carrier is also made of 100% comfortable and breathable cotton. The advantage that this carrier has over other wrap carriers is that the Maya Wrap is made of thinner, hand-woven cotton that is actually stronger and more resilient to stretching than other conventional fabric wraps.

Easy to Adjust and No Complex Wrapping

If you have ever tried any other kind of baby wrap carrier, you know one thing about them: it is extremely difficult to adjust them. Most wraps have a ton of layers and require a ton of wrapping to be able to get properly adjusted. It can be a real pain when you are trying to quickly unpack and strap your baby in for a walk.

The Maya Wrap is simple, thin, and you don’t have to worry about any kind of complex wrapping skills to properly carry your baby

Quick, Easy, and Safe

What we like the most about this baby carrier is that it is really easy to pack, store, unpack, setup, and use. You can easily store this baby carrier in a small bag, backpack, or diaper bag. There is a zipper pocket on the baby carrier that you can use to store supplies like extra diapers, toys, or even your phone or wallet. No complex wrapping or tying is involved with this carrier.

Durable Build

Like we said earlier, we like this carrier a lot because it’s lighter, thinner, and even stronger than other wrap carriers. It is totally CPSC and ASTM safety compliant, and the rings on this wrap are made by USA SlingRings, and are made the finest in aircraft made aluminum. Each of the rings on this carrier are tested to hold up to 250 pounds, though we recommend that this carrier is best used with children who are between 5 and 35 pounds.

Product Benefits

  • High safety ratings and CPSC and ASTM safety compliant
  • ​High grade aluminum sling rings that can support up to 250 pounds, a piece
  • ​Can hold children up to 35 pounds
  • Really easy pack up in a diaper bag or a small bag
  • ​Lighter weight and more breathable than other wrap baby carriers
  • No complicated wrapping or layering necessary like with other baby wrap carriers
  • ​Easy to adjust
  • Totally comfortable for both the baby and the parent.

The Negative Things

  • Some customers say that this wrap still has too much fabric on it
  • Kind of hard to use and figure out
  • The padded shoulder doesn’t always stay in place and can put pressure on your neck muscles

Highlighted Features

  • Padded strap for added comfort
  • Easy to adjust and used
  • ​Compact for packing and taking anywhere
  • ​More breathable than other baby carriers
  • High safety ratings
  • Can carry children up to 35 pounds

FAQ - Some Questions and Answers

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Final Verdict

We would highly recommend the Maya Wrap as a safe and comfortable baby carrier. All around, it is breathable, safe, and really easy to use device. If you have been looking for a reliable baby carrier and haven’t been sure which one to invest in, this should be the one for you.

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